01101110 is light-music installation echoing and celebrating the simplest mathematical model of computation. A series of light/shadow paintings depict instances of the evolution of Rule 110 one-dimensional cellular automaton (Rule 01101110 in binary) accompanied by a music layer based on the same process. The paintings are created by digitally fabricated perforated panels and white light LED beams; the panels diffract the light and project it on blanc canvases hanged on the wall of the exhibition space. Each painting offers it’s one unique light and sonic space. The automaton Rule 110 is the simplest known Turing complete system and therefore it is capable of simulating any computer algorithm. This piece offers an immersive experience of this remarkable property and reflects on the duality of complexity/simplicity.

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Odysseas Klissouras

exhibition – Ljudmila March 2019