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Y Wê diddiwedd: Sylfaen. Cyswllt. Llif. (Transl. The Endless Web: Foundation. Contact. Flow.)

Contribution type: Fixed media audio composition in stereo
Duration: 16’ 45”

Y Wê diddiwedd: Sylfaen. Cyswllt. Llif. (2020-22) continues the series of fixed media sonic portrayals of – and meditations on – spaces, places, people, instruments,…that I have composed since late-90s.

The work aims to bring attention to, and celebrate, the interconnectedness and emergent potential and intensities of the CSAD ‘assemblage’ – of a space dedicated to the creation and exploration of art and design works, ideas, and connections – by attuning the listener to the spectral details and qualities of CSAD originally revealed to me through nomadic listening and recording practice during the March 2022 EASTN-DC residency.

A single continuous recording of a connecting’ space in the CSAD building (see picture) functioned as the ‘foundation’ and ‘basis’ for the work’s overall structure and the development of its spectromorphological ‘flow’ through a series of layering and folding-in techniques. All pitch and temporal relationship present(ed) in the piece are as ‘produced’ by CSAD ‘itself’.

The event is finished.


Mar 06 2022


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


  • Dr Antti Saario
    Dr Antti Saario

    Dr Antti Saario is a Finnish composer, sound artist, educator, researcher, and audio professional, living and working in the UK, where he is the Head of Music at the Academy of Music & Theatre Arts (AMATA), Falmouth University, Cornwall.

    Antti’s creative praxis focuses on post-acousmatic fixed media composition and its experiential, critical and performative application in interdisciplinary, collaborative and multi-media contexts. His works have been performed in over 200 concerts, dance performances, festivals and installations, and have been broadcast worldwide.

    Antti received his practice-based PhD in Composition from University of Birmingham in 2002 where he was supervised by Prof Jonty Harrison.

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EASTN-DC, European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity, is a network dedicated to the time-based digital arts: musical arts, visual arts, performing and interactive arts.  It is gathering 16 partners in 13 different countries from Europe to the Americas. They will host and exchange about 70 creators in the frame of a 16 international events tour spread over 4 years. These privileged moments, in direct contact with the audience, will frame a new and systemic approach, binding the Knowing “Disseminate”, the Learning “Inseminate”, the Making “Collect”, a digital creativity factory leading to a creative citizen.

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