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In a dialogue between a visitor and a machine, TRUST addresses the role of digital change and its significance for humans and society. On a table stands a glass cube with a holographic representation of a human face.

An AI enabled Avatar enters into communication with the visitor, although its exact capabilities remain uncertain. Using speech recognition and other artificial intelligence techniques, attributes such as age, sex, heartbeat, and visual appearance and expression are collected in the background. Seemingly banal things, but which a learning AI can combine into surprisingly accurate conclusions about our personality. In the course of the dialogue, a virtual version of the visitor is created and his/her identity is hijacked.

In TRUST, the visitor experiences the sense of insecurity that digital transformation brings to society. According to Luhmann’s systems theory, trust in self-regulating processes is central to our society. With the loss of systemic trust, society is also falling apart.

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Mar 03 - 06 2022


All Day


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  • Bernd Lintermann
    Bernd Lintermann

    Bernd Lintermann works as an artist and scientist in the field of real time computer graphics focusing on interactive and generative systems. He develops works for various receptive contexts, e.g. for museums, concerts or theatre. He is presently engaged in consumer hardware based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to provide access to digital contents in a public environment.

  • Florian Hertweck
    Florian Hertweck

    Florian Hertweck works as an actor, musician and director at numerous german theaters. He developed directorial works at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Staatsschauspiel Dresden and Staatstheater Karlsruhe, among others. Since 2017 he is professor for stage acting at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF with a focus on interdisciplinary projects.

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EASTN-DC, European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity, is a network dedicated to the time-based digital arts: musical arts, visual arts, performing and interactive arts.  It is gathering 16 partners in 13 different countries from Europe to the Americas. They will host and exchange about 70 creators in the frame of a 16 international events tour spread over 4 years. These privileged moments, in direct contact with the audience, will frame a new and systemic approach, binding the Knowing “Disseminate”, the Learning “Inseminate”, the Making “Collect”, a digital creativity factory leading to a creative citizen.