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Surface (Površina)

In his project Surface, Voranc Kumar deals with the relationship between body and computer graphics.

At the intersection of technology and epistemology, he explores the relation between the human body and computer program while replicating skin’s visual characteristics (subsurface scattering). The installation comprises a projection of a rotating sphere, on top of which images of skin are alternating, and a separate display of projection-generating algorithmic activities.

As a base for simulation, the algorithm utilizes visual material generated by Google Image Search Engine from which it extracts these images.

The search is delimited by keywords such as skin, human skin, skin surface, etc. In this juxtaposition, the situation between image and the concept of the body is not given, but rather produced through digital technology.

The event is finished.


Mar 03 - 06 2022


All Day


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  • Voranc Kumar
    Voranc Kumar

    Voranc Kumar holds a Master’s degree in sculpture from The University of Ljubljana, where he received the Prešeren student award. Currently, Kumar is a doctorate student in philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. His practice spreads between theatre, visual arts, and computer graphics. He works as a video maker, scenographer, visual artist and maker of 3D scenography and effects. He presented his work in several solo exhibitions; Landscapes and Maps (2018, P74 Gallery), A Few Minutes Later (2018, Škuc Gallery), Surface (2019, osmo/za), and festivals; International Festival of Computer Art (2019, Maribor), konS modul (2021, Novo mesto), konS modul (2022, Velenje).

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