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Magnetic Dance: Experiments in Telematic Performance

This video reports about experiments used in interactive dance with sensors during the IDE-Fantasy project since 2018. IDE-Fantasy explores the challenges and potential of performing dance concurrently in locationsaway from each other,  when dancers rely on sound alone to coordinate their movements and to establish communication. Is it possible to narrate stories, when a part of the dancers is not visible to the public or to each other? This is atechnical andcompositional as well as a performance challenge. The video shows selected passages from the rehearsals made with dancers in Tokyo, Athens and Corfu documenting the process of exploring sensor-based control of sound from dance movement, and the creation of telematic performances.

The event is finished.


Mar 05 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Iannis Zannos
    Iannis Zannos

    Iannis Zannos studied Composition, Musicology and Information Engineering with applications on Music. He is currently Professor for Computer Music at the Ionian University. His main interests are cyberphysical performance arts, live coding and acoustic ecology. He works mainly with various programming environments susch as SuperCollider, openFrameworks, EMACS a.o.
    Since 2018 leads a research on telematic dance, and creates and coordinates performances taking place at various distant locations worldwide, employing motion tracking with wearable devices and digital audio and graphics synthesis methods.

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