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video – stereo
Physical modeling sound synthesis CORDIS-ANIMA / GENESIS

“Helios” is entirely composed by means of GENESIS software from ACROE (Grenoble, France), which is a physically-based modeler – simulator of musical instruments and composition.

The “Helios” workbench is a huge virtual orchestra including approximately 130,000 CORDIS-ANIMA modules structured in about twenty virtual physical structures with specific properties.

They simulate plates, membranes, large sets of interacting elementary particles, and so on. Some are very close to realistic structures, others, while remaining physically coherent, could not be built in reality.

The event is finished.


Mar 06 2022


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Claude Cadoz
    Claude Cadoz

    Claude Cadoz is President of the ACROE which he founded in 1976 with Annie Luciani and Jean-Loup Florens and in which he is responsible for the scientific and artistic programme “musical and multisensory Arts”.
    He is the designer of the GENESIS software, addressing sound synthesis and composition thanks to the technology of mass-interaction physical modeling he coined since 1979. From 1975, he initialized the realm of virtual realities by his work on haptic gesture interactions. He was the author with Jean Loup Florens of the first force feedback gestural devices in 1978. He has directed and supervised many theses and studies courses. Claude Cadoz’s musical work is a direct application of his research by Mass-Interactions physical modeling.

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EASTN-DC, European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity, is a network dedicated to the time-based digital arts: musical arts, visual arts, performing and interactive arts.  It is gathering 16 partners in 13 different countries from Europe to the Americas. They will host and exchange about 70 creators in the frame of a 16 international events tour spread over 4 years. These privileged moments, in direct contact with the audience, will frame a new and systemic approach, binding the Knowing “Disseminate”, the Learning “Inseminate”, the Making “Collect”, a digital creativity factory leading to a creative citizen.

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