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Cosmic Rain (Kozmični dež)

The light-sound installation addresses and materialises muons – high-energy elementary particles forming in the atmosphere’s upper layers during collisions of cosmic rays from space. The installation consists of seven detector-signal units that are spread across the gallery and simultaneously powered by an electrified steel mesh.

Each element comprises a scintillation detector designed in accordance with the “Cosmic Watch” open-access and open-source muon detector. As the muon passes through the scintillator, a weak light pulse is generated which is amplified by a silicon photomultiplier and then converted into an electrical signal.

The built-in microcontroller detects the signal, triggering a bright flash and a blow of the electromagnetic actuator against the mesh, emulating the sound of strings.

The distinctly material representation of cosmic particles as light and sound stimuli grants the spectator a sensual experience of cosmic events that are otherwise unfolding everywhere around us yet remain inaccessible to our senses.

The event is finished.


Mar 03 - 06 2022


All Day


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  • Tilen Sepič
    Tilen Sepič

    Tilen Sepič is a multidisciplinary artist and designer working in the fields of new media, light art, design of lighting objects, and AV light installations. In his work he supports the open-source and DIY culture. With light-sound kinetic installations and light-based products he regularly participates in festivals and exhibitions: Vinterljus Festival of Lights (Linkoping, 2019), IZIS (Portorož, 2019), Ventura Future (Italy, 2019), Responsive 2019 (Canada, 2019), Interference Tunis Light Art Project (Tunis, 2018), Design without borders (Budapest, 2018), Collumina Light Art Project and EVI Lichtungen Light Festival (Köln and Hildesheim, 2018), Visualia (Pulj, 2017), Lighting Guerrilla (2013, 2014, 2019).

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