Resonant Forms

For EASTN_DC Jon Pigott will be continuing his work with prepared, customised and sculptural speaker designs. The speakers will be developed along with multichannel sound works for gallery exhibition.

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Wood and electronics

Paul Granjon finalised the first of his experiments with carved wood and electronics with this wall-mounted piece. Boxwood, Oak, electronics, artificial hair When the hand dynamo is activated, the carved skull displays a scrolling text in French that says:ON EST FOUTUSON EST TOUFFUSTranslates asWE ARE FUCKEDWE ARE BUSHYRed ominous eyes then glow In the Soyouz 4-21…

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Re-Places robot

Artists in Residence Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Pfähler Schmid have successfully completed the artwork they started during their EASTN-DC residency in Cardiff School of Art and Design in October 2019. Derived from the prototype Spitting Bot, here is how Carolin and Nikolas introduce their new robot Re-Places RE:PLACES, installation, 2021, extruder, motors, sensors, metal, plastics,…

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First residency completed

Scroll down for Welsh version Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler have returned to their hometown Offenbach, Germany, after 3 weeks spent in the FabLab and CSAD. They have been busy, started experimenting with the Formlabs 3D printers and 3D scanners. They made charging pods for their Sibling robots and printed nature-inspired shapes. They gradually realised…

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Insect Buzz

Scroll down for Welsh version Paul Granjon has started working in the FabLab Cardiff on prototype objects to be used in forthcoming protests against climate change and ecological collapse. The Insect Buzz hand-held or backpack-mounted objects are imaginary insect faces painted on wood, that emit a persistent BUZZING. They act as a reminder of endangered…

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