Insect Buzz

I have started working in the FabLab Cardiff on prototype objects to be used in forthcoming protests against climate change and ecological collapse. The Insect Buzz hand-held or backpack-mounted objects are imaginary insect faces painted on wood, that emit a persistent BUZZING. They act as a reminder of endangered insect life. At the back of the panel a contact speaker plays the continuously varying insect buzz approximation. The buzz is a square wave generated by a small arduino microcontroller.

Solar powered Insect Buzz unit, July 2019

I have tested a back-pack version as part of Extinction Rebellion’s Summer Unrest event when the traffic in Cardiff city centre was blocked for 3 days. The plan is to reduce the cost of the objects so that many of them can be made and distributed in demos so as to have a proper insect swarm effect.

Insect Buzz engine V1, July 2019
Extinction Rebellion boat by Cardiff City Hall